Sherry & I both are February babies but my mom tells me that unlike Sherry I was a very late walker.

Early Walker

Walking is a big-big milestone in a babies life & super joyous moment for parents. It is so thrilling to see your little one cruise around the house holding furniture & walk like a drunk man bouncing, tipping & wobbling.

Featured carrier – @soulslings Heal Anoona         Featured soft sole – @soulslings Anchor

For the first 12 months of my daughter’s life, she was either bare feet or wrapped in footsies or just plain socks. But as she started to walk I bought the famous soft-bottomed baby shoes from @soulslings.

Featured soft sole – @soulslings Eclipse


1. These shoes are ideal for indoor use & are an excellent way to keep little feet warm when the temperature drops. 

2. Their SPECIAL SHERPA INSOLES assure soft cushioning on hard surfaces. Their trademark soles are made of soft and pliable FAUX SUEDE that grips well and stretches easily.

Inside soft sole – Special Sherpa Insole

3. They are made of soft breathable fabric, are easy to slip on and have a gentle elastic band to keep them securely fastened.

Fabric Of @soulslings Anchor Soft Sole

4. A baby’s feet are in a developing process, it has fat padding under the arches. A soft sole adapts to these arches and supports foot development during early walking.

Featured Soft Sole – @soulslings Anchor

MY EXPERIENCE – My early walker could cruise around in these flexible, non-skid shoes on tile flooring or slippery surfaces. She could walk holding on to her push toy (not a walker) and practice balance & co-ordination all day long. The fabric is soft, flexible & provides good traction on to the surface easily. It has no fancy decorative item/ fasteners that can pose a choking hazard. The only thing that dissappointed me a bit was the insoles – though they provide appropriate cushioning but they also make baby’s feet sweaty in summers especially if there is no air conditioning in the room.

Featured Soft Sole – @soulslings Anchor

SIZING – Babies feet swell and are often bigger at the end of the day. Shoes purchased in the morning might feel tight in the evening.

For the perfect fit & room to grow, always add up to 1/2” to your child’s foot measurement to find appropriate soft sole size.

@soulslings Soft Sole – Size Chart

The soft sole can be easily checked for perfect size by grabbing some of the material on to the top of the foot when the child is wearing them. If the fabric can’t be gathered, the shoe might be too tight for the baby.

CARE  They can be spot cleaned with a soft moist cloth or just like soul carriers, they can be washed by hand or machine (delicate cycle, low heat, gentle detergent & line dry in shade).

Featured Soft Sole – @soulslings Full Moon


✅Flexible & Anti-skid

✅Soft breathable fabric (inside & outside)

✅Can be hand-washed / machine washed

✅No fancy decorative items/fasteners

✅Easy to slip on & remove

✅Gentle elastic band



❎Lighter color gets dirty easily

❎The color might fade due to washing

❎Not recommended for wet or uneven floor

❎ Sweaty feet

PRICE – ₹800


Featured Soft Sole – @soulslings Eclipse

So what are you thinking, go ahead – don’t just hold your baby’s finger during early walking days but also give their feet some extra love with @soulslings Soft sole ♥️. I hope this review helps new moms in choosing the best for their babies.

Featured soft soles – @soulslings – Anchor, Eclipse and Full moon.

Happily Mommying

Deeksha 😇

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