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Soul Slings launched its most versatile, economic and all in one baby carrier – “Anoona – the one without flaws” in June 2017 and since then this infant to toddler carrier has been their most  selling product on their website.

Recently they launched their new gradient series in Anoona which offers the most colourful – eye pleasing and comfortable carriers.


I was recently sent one of their gorgeous carrier from the gradient series – THE HEAL ANOONA as part of the TRAVELING CARRIER PROGRAM (TCP) . Here’s my honest review about this carrier –

FIRST IMPRESSION – Let me take a minute to appreciate the colour of this carrier. The eye catching ombré tints of red, pink & orange from light to dark reflects positivity, warmth and happiness.


FABRIC – With every new carrier that I try from Soul Slings, the fabric quality keeps surprising me. Heal Anoona is pure 100% cotton with plain weave. It is soft, flowy, thin, breathable and perfect for summers.


STRUCTURE – The Carrier is just like any Anoona carrier – comfortable & chic. It has 3 layers – out of which two make the structural part and one makes the hood or the outer layer. The hood helps in keeping the entire look of this carrier extremely neat.


WEIGHT RECOMMENDATIONS – This carrier is appropriate for a newborn to toddler i.e  3.2 – 20kg ( 7-44 lb) approx. Which clearly means that this carrier grows with your baby – isn’t that wonderful!


ADJUSTMENT – The Carrier is fully adjustable and easily fits petite to extra large size wearer. All the buckles are basic “press & release” type and have long straps.


SHOULDER STRAPS – The shoulder straps are lightly padded to provide the adequate grip & avoid any slip.

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The carrier allows two types of shoulder strap adjustment –

1. Parallel (H) Shoulder straps


2. Crossed (X) Shoulder straps


The waistband has built in snaps to adjust the panel size for the baby. Mainly 3 settings are available –

SMALL – Push the panel fabric towards the center of the waistband and snap into narrow setting.


MEDIUM – Push the panel fabric towards the centre of the waistband and snap into medium setting.


LARGE – spread the panel fabric completely and snap into wide setting.


CARRY OPTIONS – This all cotton carrier offers 5 carry options –

Newborn, front, front facing out, hip and back carries.

My personal favourite are front and back carry options as the baby is comfortably seated in orthopaedically correct – relaxed M position(spread squat position).

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Front carry


Back carry


1. Waist Buckle Safety Loop – to avoid mishaps.


2. Thigh padding for baby – extra comfort for baby.


3. Side Pocket – to keep essential things like keys, lip balm, metro card or money.


4. Elastic loops – with each buckle to roll up excess length.


5. Foldable neck support for newborn.


6. Removable hood – for extra comfort.


MY EXPERIENCE – I recently visited the Jim Corbett National Park, India with my 13 month old in this carrier. I was outdoors for most of day on jungle safari, watching animals , spotting birds & enjoying thoroughly with my daughter snugly sitting in this carrier. I was handsfree, relaxed and in good spirits just because my baby girl was at ease.


CARE AND MAINTENANCE – This carrier can be spot cleaned when required with a moist soft cloth.

If required you may wash it by hand or machine (on a gentle cycle with the buckles closed) using gentle detergent.

Line dry in the shade to protect the colour from fading.

Do not tumble dry, dry clean, beach or iron this carrier.

When not in use for long periods, wrap in a soft cotton bag (that comes along with the carrier) and store away.


Any situation involving water.

Strenuous hiking, climbing, running or sports.

Riding bicycles, motorcycles or any moving vehicle.

Situation involving heat and/or exposure to chemicals.

WHERE TO BUY – The Soul Slings Heal Anoona is available at

COST – The Carrier is priced at ₹5500 plus shipping (excluding taxes)

MY RATING – If you follow me on Instagram you already know that since last few months I am a solo parenting mother as my husband is off shores for work.

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This carrier is a blessing in every which way. From taking solo travel to accomplishing day to day household chores this carrier has been my companion. It deserves an easy 8.5/10 .

I hope this review helps new mothers in choosing the best for their babies.

Untill next time

Happy Baby wearing!

Happily Mommying

Deeksha 😇





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