Bursting Baby wearing myths with Soul Slings

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If you follow my Instagram, I am sure you already know that a month back I visited my mom in a small town in Uttarakhand .


Baby wearing is still a new concept there & I had been getting constant stares and questions around attachment parenting . Meanwhile I was also asked all sorts of doubts – silly, intelligent & weird! It makes me more than happy that I could answer each one of them with a satisfactory answer.

So let’s begin –

Q. Does baby wearing cause back & shoulder pain?

A. The key to painless – joyful baby wearing is – good fitting, correct positioning, appropriate carrier & right carry.

Featured Carrier – @soulslings Heal Anoona

For instance – For a new born to 6 month (>10 kg) baby, I would choose a wrap or ring sling or an Anoona & use it in FRONT CARRY position .

Featured carriers –  @soulslings HEAL – wrap, ringsling & Anoona

For a bigger baby (who has developed head-torso control), I would go for a full buckle (standard/toddler) or Onbohimo or Anoona & use it in BACK CARRY position.

Featured Carriers – @soulslings Cotton Candy Full Buckle (standard) , Harmony Onbohimo, Heal Anoona

Along with this a good fit achieved by adjusting the buckles at the shoulder & waist provides for a painless baby wearing experience.


Q. Isn’t baby wearing for modern city dwelling parents ?

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A. The picture says more than I could explain. Baby wearing is a long lost practice which is slowly picking up again.

How many times have you heard people saying, “yeh toh naye zamane ke chonchle hai” (these are the tantrums of newer times). I have heard this a zillion times in my parenting journey. Baby wearing is no exception.

So, recently I made my grandma & mom try baby wearing – they absolutely loved it. They even went on to say, how they wish they had a baby carrier during their early motherhood days.

Baby wearing is for everyone. Featured Carrier – Cotton candy full buckle (standard)

Baby wearing is a fabulous technique of keeping babies happy & secure and about making a parent’s life easier, enjoyable & hands free. It definitely doesn’t have to do anything with the city, town, village you live in or your age or the lifestyle you follow.

Q. What if the baby feels suffocated in the carrier?

A. Good question. I personally started baby wearing using a soft structured carrier, when my baby was 4 months old. By this age my daughter had developed head & torso control.

A baby’s head should always be turned to one side & the chin at least 2 fingers widths distance from the chest to avoid any closure of airway.

I also follow TICKS – the international set of rules to help one check if the baby is positioned safely.


Always re-position the baby if there is rapid breathing, grunting or restlessness. Also please check regularly if the baby is comfortable & secure in the carrier.

Q. Does baby wearing cause bow-leg in babies?

Baby sleeping in relaxed M – position. Featured carrier – @soulslings Heal Anoona

A. The  relaxed “M – position” or spread squat position is the most ideal & physiologically normal position to carry a baby. This position is orthopaedically correct for healthy hip development & has been recommended by paediatricians & orthopaedists.

Q. Is the carrier strong enough?

A close view of @soulslings Heal 100% cotton fabric

A. Yes, they are. All the Soul Slings carriers are made of very high quality 100% cotton or premium linen which is not just strong but also thermo-regulatory. And as long as you are following the weight recommendation provided with the carrier, there is no need to worry.

A guide to choosing the right carrier from @soulslings

The carriers also have international safety standard and regulations. Always look for certified manufacturers.

Soul Slings is tested for ASTM (International) F2236 which is an American Society for testing and materials.

Q. Does the baby become clingy?

A. In a research it was found that babies whose needs are met faster & more promptly – cry less. These babies are 54% more happier than others. It also encourages children to be more independent & to feel more secure & content.


In my experience baby wearing has not just made my daughter less clingy but has also helped me in combating stranger anxiety. Now she isn’t cranky when around new people.

So, these are few of the questions that I came across while baby wearing my dear daughter in a small town. Have you come across these or similar ones? I would love to know in the comments below. Till then stay hooked and keep your babies close.

Happily Mommying

Deeksha 😇

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