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Soul Slings full buckle standard

Soul Slings full buckle (standard) are soft structured carriers (SSC) that allow the most organic, convenient & comfortable way of babywearing to the baby & the wearer.

A month back, I received a Cotton Candy full buckle (STANDARD) as part of my soul-mate program. It isn’t surprising how this carrier has helped me in getting on with my life while my little girl is tucked just a heartbeat away.

So here I present my honest review about this carrier –

1. Standard or Toddler? – These are the two variants of Linen Full buckle carrier apart from Anoona. The weight recommendations are as follows –

Standard – 7-18kg (15-40lb)

Toddler – 11-22 kg (25-50lb)

Anoona – 3.2-20kg (7-44lb)


Why Standard? – I chose the full buckle STANDARD for my 1 year old primarily because I already have an Anoona & because the TODDLER carrier’s weight recommendations didn’t go with my small frame baby girl. I also don’t think I might want to carry a 22 kg baby as per the full buckle-toddler.

2. The Fabric – This is the first thing that caught my attention. The carrier is made out of 100% pure natural linen that is ideal for hot & humid climates. It is extremely breathable, lightweight & comfortable.  The fabric also wicks away any moisture from the baby.

100% pure linen carrier

The straps are visibly wide with light padding on the shoulder & waist for the user along with thigh padding for the baby.

Broad – slightly padded waist strap
Wide – padded shoulder strap
Thigh – padding for the baby

I was happy to see that none of the edges, corners, buckles or straps dug or rubbed against mine or baby’s body.

3. The Perfect Fit – the carrier snugly fits the wearer & the baby. It has fully adjustable waist straps to fit users ranging from petite to plus size. The weight gets evenly distributed onto the wearer’s body with maximum support & comfort.

The key to a perfect fit –

3-way adjustable shoulder straps


Perfect Fit Adjusters (PFA’s)

Back/chest strap

Perfect fit

If all the above 4 are rightly adjusted, the carrier is comfortably snug fit.

4. The Buckles – The buckles used in the carrier are the basic “press & release” ones. They are versatile, adjustable, sturdy & easy to operate. There are also elastic loops with each buckle to roll up excess length.

Press and release buckles
Elastic loops

One of my favorite feature about this carrier is the Waist Buckle Safety Loop – placed behind the waist buckle for extra safety.

Waist buckle safety loop


-Do not – undo more than one buckle simultaneously.

– Do not – undo waist buckle whilst wearing the baby.

5. Compact & travel-friendly – Having survived a solo international air travel, an overnight solo train journey & countless road trips with my 1 year old – I can personally vouch for this. This carrier is my go-to companion for running errands.


I also like how compact it is when folded. It easily fits into my diaper bag without taking up much space.

6. Combats stranger’s anxiety – When you are constantly traveling with a baby, sudden meltdowns are bound to happen but not anymore. I have observed that my daughter feels safe & secure in the carrier. She is visibly happy, less cranky, friendly & comfortable around new faces when carried.

Three generations in one frame

7. The carry options – There are mainly 2 carry options with this carrier –

The Front Carry – It is my go-to carry option. I like that my daughter’s face is visible at all times & she is close enough to kiss. However, I always make sure that her head is a little higher than my chest & her airway is clear & unobstructed.

Front and back carry

The Back Carry – I have recently discovered this option & absolutely loved it. I recommend this option only when the baby has sufficient torso control to support their heads & sit up independently. In case you wanna know more about my experience go ahead and read my Instagram post about the same.

8. Accessories – This Carrier has an adjustable hood for protection from sun or wind. It also supports the baby while sleeping or breastfeeding. The hood fasteners can be very easily fastened on to the hood in one go.

Adjustable hood

9. The color options – The linen carriers have a wide range of colors & each color has a quirky name. The one I am using is the cotton candy & is an absolute feast to the eyes.

Cotton candy full buckle – standard

10. Care and Maintenance – This carrier can be spot-cleaned when required with a moist, soft cloth. If required, it can also be washed by hand or machine on a gentle cycle with buckles closed, using a gentle detergent & cold water. Line dry in the shade to protect the color from fading.

When not in use for long periods, wrap in the soft cotton bag (that comes with the carrier) & store away.

11. Where to Buy – The Soul slings Full Buckle Standard is available at their website –

12. Cost – The carrier is priced at ₹8500 plus shipping (excluding taxes).

My Rating – I am in love with this carrier – the color, quality, versatility, softness of the fabric is worth every penny. I would give this carrier an easy – 9/10.

I hope this review clears any doubts about this carrier & helps you in choosing the best for your little hearts.

Happily Mommying

Deeksha 😇

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