Simple 90’s style DIY’s for this Valentine’s day!

I am really excited for this valentine’s day because this year I have decided to take charge & fuel our relationship with the typical 90’s cheesy mushy romantic stuff.
So, basically, there are no electronic gadgets, expensive gifts or ready-made stuff on my list. It is all about expressing love & feelings in the crudest 90’s way i.e the Do It Yourself way 🙂


Having dated my husband for 14 years beforemarriage, I used to make greeting cards, write letters & give him a lot of surprises but lately, after parenthood – everything is on a back-seat obviously!

So in case, your love life is downhill, you might as well want to spice it up on this valentine’s day with these simple yet adorable DIY’s.

1. JAR OF REASONS – write your feelings in small pieces of colorful paper & fill a jar with them. Don’t forget to decorate the jar.



2. I LOVE YOU BECAUSE FRAME – this one is super easy & quick to make. All you need is a transparent folder, a decorative paper (I used in silver color), a black & red paper sheet.

Place the silver paper inside the folder, paste the caption on it & tada…it’s ready!  Now since the sketch pen marks can be easily erased from the transparent folder, you can every day write a reason & erase it later to write a new one. Isn’t that amazing:). Hang it on the wall & have fun every day 🙂



3. THE CANDY JAR – My better half is a huge “pulse candy fan”. So I filled his favorite candies in a jar. I also decorated the jar with colorful heart cuttings, a bow & a cute note on the top which says – “Kisses for you, when I am not around”.

Isn’t that a smart way to remind him of me.😉



4. HOME-MADE CUPCAKES – the route to a man’s heart goes through his tummy. What better than treating him with Home-made cupcakes this Valentine’s Day.

Picture courtesy – Pinterest


5. LOVE LETTERS – In the age of WhatsApp, emails & SMSes, love letters never fail to seize a heart. This time ditch the gadgets & write a love letter instead.



6. DECORATE YOUR ROOM/HIS FAVOURITE CORNER –  There’s no place like your room. It is where you have lived, loved, fought, made mistakes, said sorry, given hugs & created timeless memories. So why not decorate it & feel the love in the air.

Picture courtesy – Pinterest


7. SURPRISE ON THE MIRROR – Plan this after your better half goes to sleep. Just stick some stick-on in the shape of a heart on the mirror & wait for him to be all surprised first thing in the morning. You can thank me later ☺️

Picture courtesy – Pinterest


8. A PERFECT START – Give your loved one a perfect start by being little lovey-dovey & creative with the breakfast.

Picture courtesy – Pinterest


9. A HANDMADE CARD – Never underestimate the power of a hand-made card….after all, I got proposed over one.😄 So this time go ahead, pick up those A4 sheets, sketch pens & colors. Say you love him with a handmade card & I am sure your partner will feel so lucky to have found you.



10. SAY I LOVE YOU – yes, last but not the least say I love you to your partner & say it more often than usual because feeling LOVE and not expressing is, like wrapping a present and not giving.


I hope you enjoyed reading these simple DIY’s as much I loved creating & writing about them. Which one is your favorite, do tell me in the comments & if you have a simple DIY idea too -don’t forget to share it with us.

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Deeksha 😇

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18 thoughts on “Simple 90’s style DIY’s for this Valentine’s day!


    Wow Deeksha
    Every DIY s beautiful. Loved every of them. Though my husband is not interested in any of romantic stuff so I didn’t wasted my time on such things. But why not to give it a try.

    Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Priyanka says:

    Wow Deeksha…I loved all the ideas…so instead of me doing anything can I just ask -can I be your valentine so that you could do all these for me as I am pretty sure my husband wouldn’t even think of doing any such things for me…

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