My Mom was right


Mummy, but it’s only a few kilometers. Can I please go driving my Scooty.

No Deeksha, I told you it’s a busy road & very accident prone.

Why did you even gift me that Scooty if I can’t drive it?

No means No beta!


Next day I sneak out of my home on my Scooty & *BOOM* return home with a swollen face, wounded hands & bruised knees, nearly escaping a fatal accident.

No matter your age, you always need your mom

The rebellion teenage girl in me never got along with my mom. There was always something or the other which we didn’t agree on.
And most of our arguments ended with her saying, “Just wait until you have kids”.

Fast forward to 2017, I am a mom of a baby girl ….. Life came full circle!
In this one year, I have realized, I am a replica of my mom. She has a strong impact on my life, my life’s choices, and of course my lifestyle.
I do things around my house exactly how she used to do. From making the bed, giving goodnight kisses, baby talking to my 10-month-old or having that warm glass of water early in the morning, I end up doing things unconsciously just like her.

Her ethics at the workplace are something I look up to. How she strikes a perfect balance between work & home is worth all the accolade.

And still, when it came to understanding her love & concern back then, I miserably failed.
Today as Sherry baby cuddles & coos next to me, I realize I have a piece of my heart outside my body, whom I want to nurture & love with all that I have.

And yes indeed my mom was always right-
🌸 When she said, she always wants the best for me.
🌸 When she said, you will miss “Ghar ka khana” one day.
🌸 When she didn’t approve of my friendship with a group saying they were a bad influence.
🌸 When she gave me life lessons on “loving thyself”.

🌸 When she told me that the most important choice I’ll make is the person I choose to marry.

🌸When she hugged me & said, I mean the world to her.
🌸When she said, plan a baby for it will change your life for good.

🌸 When she said, sleep when the baby sleeps.
🌸 When she said, it’s normal to have aberrant sleep patterns with babies.
🌸 When she said, no matter what I’ll be there for you.
🌸 And last but not the least when she said, raising a baby isn’t a rocket science. You will gradually learn everything.

A mother is as new as the baby!

It is her belief in me which kept me sane during those initial days of motherhood. She has raised me, loved me & taught me the golden rules of this world. I look forward to her advice & all those years of wisdom.
Because even today when I feel lost, she is my road back home.


This post is a part of a blog train organized by Elina Wadia where 20 Indian moms have come together to write about how their own mothers were right!

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Hope you enjoy the read.

Take care & always listen to your mom.

Happily Mommying

Deeksha 🙂




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