The Poopy Affair – its all about potty training your child!


Hey Everyone

As promised in one of my Instagram feed, I am here to share all my “Gyan” on “potty training my 6month old”.

The internet is full of tips & tricks, but here I will only talk about my experience & what worked for me.

So let’s begin –

1. When to start –

The ideal age for actual potty training as in sitting on kids potty seat would be when the baby starts to sit independently. That can happen anytime between 5 to 7 month.

We decided to gift Sherry baby her kids potty on her 6month birthday, just when she had started to sit without support.


2. Preparing the baby for potty training  (2 to6months) –  

If your baby is elder than 6 months PLEASE STILL READ TILL THE END. 

These are some extremely important steps  & can begin from 2nd month onwards when the baby starts to observe his/her surroundings. Well, I started at 2 months but one can start whenever they think it is appropriate or just when they decide to buy a potty seat – 6-12 month!.

I call these steps KFC –

➡️ K –  Keyword – As the baby becomes more receptive from the 2nd month, it is the best time to introduce a key-word for potty. Make sure to use that word whenever the baby is about to go potty/ is doing potty/ had done potty. Obviously, the baby is still pooping in a diaper but a key-word introduction can happen right at this age.

Remember for a baby’s tiny brain – repetition is the key, so keep repeating the keyword whenever need be. Also, avoid using that same keyword for anything else other than the potty.

For instance, my keyword is “Aiyya” – as in the song “Agga bai”.

Funny – right! But works impeccably always😄.

So just in case, you hear a lady saying,

“Sherry aiyya toh nhi aa rahi” or

“Sherry aiyya ho gayi kya” or

“Sherry aiyya karo aiyya”  or

Sherry aiyya done”

you know who is it !. 🙃🙃

➡️ F-  Fix a potty position – 

Even this needs to happen as early as 2-3 months. Try to bring the baby to a particular relaxing position other than lying down for potty. This will help in the easy transition from diaper to kids potty as the baby will slowly understand that he/she cannot do potty lying down on the bed.

So, at 2 months of age, I started keeping Sherry a little upright/lifted on a nursing pillow for making her do potty. Slowly she got into the habit & pooped when I made her rest on the nursing pillow & said the keyword – aiyya!


This habit was a boon especially if we were going out. I would always make her do potty before leaving the house, to avoid any hassles outside.

P.S – I used the Chicco boppy nursing pillow bought from First cry.

Here is a quick link –

➡️ C–  Cues – 

Most babies give cues/signal before doing potty. Some become silent, some become chirpy while some like Sherry baby start making weird constipating forceful sounds.

Parents should always look for these cues.

At 3 months –  as soon as Sherry was awake, I used to place her little upright on a nursing pillow, say the key-word aiyya & make the similar constipating forceful sounds which she usually makes while doing potty.

This way by the time Sherry reached 6 months of age, she was pretty much in sync with codes of conduct –THE KFC.



3. Buying / selecting a kids potty : 

There were many options available online. But I thought of taking the baby to a shop, check her comfort while sitting on one & then select a potty seat.

Since Sherry was just a beginner for sitting on her own, I realized she was highly uncomfortable sitting on seats without support/handle in the front.

So, after trying almost all the potty seats in the shop.

I zeroed down to this one from – Cam- IL MONDO DEL BAMBINO.


Reasons why I chose this one-

💩 Support handle in the front.

💩 Removable potty pot for easy cleaning.


💩 Sturdy & well built – the plastic used is easy to wipe/clean. All the parts are detachable which makes each corner/curve accessible for a thorough wash in times of mess.


💩Grows with the baby – all parts are detachable. Therefore, when the baby outgrows & starts sitting without support, it can be converted into a regular-basic potty seat.



Quirky colors – It doesn’t look like a potty seat at all. It looks so peppy that we even used it as a decor for the half birthday. Of course, it was unused then.


💩 No musical or fancy toy attached – It has just a small spinning unit on the handle, to keep baby entertained. Babies have a very short attention span, so an elaborate toy would only distract them.



💩Sleek & compact – It doesn’t occupy much space because of its slim design. Hence making it easy to store/keep.

P.S – I couldn’t find a link to the same Cam- IL MONDO DEL BAMBINO potty seat on an Indian site.

But here are a few similar ones : –

4. Giving company to the baby –  (6months onwards- with kids potty seat) 

Now that you have a potty seat for baby, it’s time for the next step to facilitate potty training.

This step can happen either by sitting next to the baby on a bathing stool, while he/she poops or by sitting on an adult commode seat while the baby poops in his/her potty seat.


If your baby is reluctant to sit on a potty seat, this is sure to help.

Repeat – KFC & keep encouraging the baby to poop.

I know it sounds gross, but hey, you are a mom now – remember?. Nothing related to baby disgusts you anymore.

5. Potty reward – 

Yes, this is a thing. And beginning early is the key here too.

When Sherry was 2-3 months old, I started rewarding her every time she did potty by following my KFC’s. She was too small to understand then but now after so much practice, she follows. I usually reward her by taking to the balcony or by playing her favorite rhymes on @chuchutv.


At 6 months, it isn’t surprising for me to see her all excited after pooping. She loves her dose of vitamin D & fresh air in the balcony.

6. Routine –  

Setting a routine is important. To begin with, one can always start by setting a “waking up” in the morning time & “sleeping” at night time. Later on, it can progress to fixing the “meal time” & amount of milk/food taken.


Gradually you will notice, that there is a pattern to when baby poops.

For instance, Sherry baby poops in the morning between 8-9am. But she poops at this time only if she has been fed half an hour before.  Also, she usually poops after meals, which is normal for her small tummy.

So, I mostly make her sit on the potty seat after meals & follow the  KFC.

7. Potty accidents – 

For these tiny humans, the projectile poopy explosions are bound to happen because they are still learning.

Even after 4-5 months of training, I still find poop in the diaper. At such moments I make sure to convey my disappointment to the baby in a mildly sad voice. But never yell or shame her. It will take time but she will get there eventually.

8. Consistency & Patience-

Activities related to babies are tedious & time-consuming.

There are days when I make the baby sit on the potty seat for more than 15-20 minutes & nothing happens. And just as I make her wear the diaper-  she poops.

As moms, we need to remain consistent & patient – OM SHANTI SHANTI!

Some other points that might help in potty training are –

💡Ample supply of toilet paper & hand wash.

💡 If the baby is constipated – try giving Himalaya Bonnison & some warm water (for 6month+Babies).

💡Use organic cotton (dampen/wet with plain water before use) to clean the intimate areas, not the skin care wipes or commode jet/shower. The wet wipes can strip the baby’s gentle skin of moisture & can lead to rashes or redness.

💡Try cleaning the kids potty with Dettol liquid on a cotton ball after use, to keep it hygienic.

So, these are a few pointers which I have learned, tried & tested with Sherry baby.

I was a little early to start with the KFCs, even before the baby had a potty seat. But I am sure,  one can begin the same things when they purchase a kids potty  – anytime between 6-12 month.

At this age, a baby is more responsive, alert, amenable & willing. I would highly recommend starting potty trying from there on.

I have only shared what worked for me but would love to know what’s your approach.

Happily Mommying

Deeksha 😇


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