Movie with the Baby!

Hey Everyone

Its been exactly 5 months and 17 days since Him & I went on a movie date. I am so precise with the date because the last movie we watched was just a day before Sherry Baby’s arrival👶🏻.

So I have been willing to take baby along for movies for quite sometime now. We (Him & I) have been practising a lot at home – Yes, we did !

We have been watching movies & TV series at home with dim lights, pop corns🍿 and trying to accustom the baby for movie theatre by making her sit in her carry cot🤷🏻‍♀️.

We had almost given up on the idea but a movie invite from Him’s office made us make up our mind💃.


So this was a corporate outing & everyone around our seats was a colleague and/or a friend. This assured that we won’t be badgered to leave incase the situation gets nasty👀.


I was locked & loaded for anything that comes our way🕴.

[1] The show was at 3:30pm so I made sure Sherry doesn’t sleep before that & she takes her last feed (before movie) at around 3:00pm🍼.

[2] We took Sherry in her carry cot (which is also her car seat) & took a separate seat for her🍿.

[3] I placed her in the middle seat, so that both of us (hubby & me) could keep an eye on her👨‍👩‍👧.


[4] I covered her ears with the blanket she had (which was of no use once the movie began)🤦🏻‍♀️.

[5] I wore a top, which was breastfeeding friendly & also carried my nursing cape. (You never know! 🤓)

[6] I also carried her pacifier along. Yet again it proved to be a life saver💁🏻.


With everything set, I expected baby to sleep till intermission. But she was awake by the time first song came🙅🏻.

Thankfully she wasn’t cranky. I gave her the pacifier & she happily spent the next one hour with it.


By intermission, she started babbling & I resorted to breastfeeding. After 5 minutes of breast feeding she was all calm & watched the whole second half of the movie.


I covered her ears with my hands, considering the Dolby digital surround sound👩🏻‍🏫.

During the last 15 minutes of the movie, she was hungry & a lot tetchy. I had to leave the theatre (of course with hubby!) to change her diaper & feed her. She was back to feeling zen again😇.


I always tell Him that Sherry is unbelievably good whenever we are out & yet again she proved it!

Apart from the movie being extremely bad (-1/10) 😤 I have no complaints.

We were out from 12 in the noon till midnight. And Sherry was too good to be true😇. All this time she was in her carry cot/car seat.


[1] The songs, action scenes, even loud conversations in the movie felt way to loud this time. I covered baby’s ears with my hands – most of the time🙉.

[2] The movie was really bad, so it really didn’t matter, if I was missing on anything during my nappy changing & feed session👎.

[3] No baby can sleep through the high decibel surround sound🚫.


No, never, not!

Though Sherry was a fairly good girl. But after this experience I realised the amplitude of surround sound. Had it been a Transformer or Suicide squad, I would have definitely left the theatre sooner. Each high frequency sound felt like causing vibrations in my ears & I cringed at the thought of same happening to baby’s soft –  immature eardrums. I feel so guilty of subjecting little Sherry to all of it 🙁.

Moreover the preparations that went into making this endeavour successful was no less than going to a war front💂🏻‍♀️.


I am sure this review will be helpful to all the new mommies who are missing out on their movie dates & SRK love!

Just chill ladies, the day isn’t far when our “little ones” will be our ultimate accomplice & date – till then everything else can wait❤️.

Happily Mommying

Deeksha ✨✨

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