Pregnancy Must Haves –

Hey everyone

Now that I have sailed through my pregnancy, I can definitely enlist the must haves. Thankfully I had maintained a diary during my pregnancy which seems to be of great use now.

So, let’s get started –

1. A pregnancy App – Well, you do not want to miss everyday updates on your little bub’s growth, along with the info on your gradual bodily changes.

There are many apps in the market but “BabyCentre” & “What to expect” kept me well informed.

Recently a new app – Babyberry app  has arrived in the Indian market. Haven’t tried it but have heard great things about it.


2. Anti Skid Slippers – You cannot afford to slip/skid on any wet surface, be it your washroom , kitchen or supermarket.

I bought crocs classic neon magenta. The original croslite TM foam makes it really comfortable. And they look fancy too, so I wore them even to malls, doctor visits & even my babymoon. 😄.


But yes! don’t make the mistake of ordering online. It is always better if you can go to the store & get a perfect size & fit after trial.

3. Stretch Marks Creams –

With the growing belly, the stretch marks become inevitable. Taking care from the very first trimester is always helpful in the long run. The whole idea is to prevent the loss of moisture from the skin.

➰Using a mild soap.

➰Taking short showers & applying ample moisturising creams right after.

➰Adding few drops of coconut oil in the bathing water.

➰Also, don’t forget to gulp 10-12 glasses of water every day. It keeps the skin’s elasticity intact.

I used a medicated soap – Venusia Soap by Dr Reddy. It is a mild moisturising soap.

In creams, I was religiously using – Palmer’s cocoa tummy butter & Palmer’s cocoa body lotion. I also used Bio oil along with the creams from 5th month onwards.


The whole idea is to prevent the skin from getting dry.

Honestly, I didn’t have a single stretch mark till the day I delivered. The shrinking uterus –  postpartum did give me minor marks but they can be ignored.


An inexpensive way to tackle stretch marks is using Boroplus or Boroline.  Though I didn’t try this but my “maalish lady” swears by it. I think I will definitely give it a shot in my next pregnancy.🤗

4. Maternity Leggings – My bump started to show when I was in my fifth month and believe me a pair of soft, comfortable maternity legging felt heavenly.

It not only supports the growing bump but also feels like a hug to the belly. Get them and you will understand what I mean😇.


Again don’t make the mistake of buying online!. It is always better to try at the store & then buy.

I bought mine from first cry – Kriti full-length maternity leggings. A basic black & grey or blue works best. I used them till my 7th month. And then wore them again postpartum. Really comfortable🙂.

5. Comfortable Undergarments – Yes ladies! I know this is a TMI but pregnancy is a time when you want to feel skin deep comfortable, hence few comfy UGs become essential.


🍭No underwire

🍭Get the right measurement – take help of the sales assistant at the store if possible.

🍭Always check the band beneath the cup, shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

🍭Go for a comfortable non-impinging wide bra strap especially if you are on the heavier side.

🍭Always choose a cottony & stretchy fabric.

You can always go for either sports bra or maternity/nursing bra. They don’t have cups, so makes it easier for the breast tissue to grow. Also, they will last you long with your changing size.

I was fortunate enough to find tank tops in my size with built-in bras at Westside by wunderlove. They are perfect on the breast & snugly fit on the belly too, making it really comfortable. It is 95% cotton & 5% elastane which is good for an incessantly expanding bump.


🍭For most of the pregnancy, bikini briefs and boy shorts might feel good as they rest just beneath the belly. But buying a maternity brief which has a wider band makes it easier to sit & move around comfortably even postpartum🙂.

Again choose cotton as the fabric of choice. It is airy, soft & avoids chances of bacterial & fungal infection.

I bought my Kriti maternity briefs from – First cry outlet.

I also had few more must haves like –

🌸A water bottle flask – to carry my boiled drinking water. I never drank outside or packaged drinking water.

🌸Snacks in my purse – mostly Parle-G biscuits & dates.

🌸A scarf/stole or poncho to cover yourself if it gets cold in AC or otherwise.

🌸Two-three extra pillows to sleep – always slept with one pillow between the legs and one pillow beneath both the legs to stabilise my Humpty Dumpty body while sleeping.

You can always buy Pregnancy pillows available in the market.

🌸Hot-water bottle – for light massage to soothe aching back.

🌸Toilet paper – lots of it.

🌸And last but not the least – A super caring & loving husband ❤️

Every mom-to-be has her own pregnancy essentials. I chose to go by “comfort-first” as the rule of thumb.

Hope it helps 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Happily Mommying – Deeksha✨✨

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